Kimberly Padgett

Reiki Healer & Esthetician


Balance body and mind and enhance general well-being through this Japanese healing art based on the premise of universal life force energy of 'ki'.

Reiki Journey

75 minutes - $120
We begin with a grounding of energy to prepare you for the session. I will use other healing tools and techniques (see below) along with Reiki, which will allow for deeper healing.  The session ends with a grounding visualization, and I will share with you the images, messages, and clearing that came forth during your session.


Healing Tools

Put me in a metaphysical shop and I am a happy girl!  Oracle decks, crystals, candles, feathers and sound-makers hold so much creativity and illumination.  I find that incorporating them into my healing sessions enhances the work and, in a sense, completes the picture.